UKAS-Accredited Laboratory

North Star Environmental Ltd operates its own in-house, UKAS-accredited laboratory. This enables us to analyse materials to ascertain the possible presence of asbestos. No sample is too big or small, be it a standalone job or larger bulk project.

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Accredited Laboratory

As outlined on our accreditation page, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is an independent body, recognised by the government, which assesses the competence of organisations to perform specific tasks. In the case of North Star Environmental Ltd, such accreditation means that our testing and calibration laboratories have been assessed against internationally recognised standards, demonstrating competence, impartiality and elite performance.

In accordance with Regulations 20 and 21 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, UKAS accreditation is a legal requirement for companies completing measurements of airborne asbestos fibre concentrations and analysis of materials for the presence of asbestos.

North Star Environmental Ltd is UKAS testing laboratory number 7691. We are accredited to UKAS standard ISO 17025, which enables us to perform air sampling and fibre counting within our laboratory. Regular audits, inspections and assessments ensure we meet exacting standards, keeping our laboratory at the cutting edge of its industry.

Operating an in-house laboratory allows us to have greater control over the asbestos sampling and analysis process. This distinguishes North Star Environmental Ltd as a major player in its field. Meanwhile, the specified standard also ensures our company can be trusted to deliver accurate and unbiased test results without exception.

Laboratory Methodology and Equipment

In terms of methodology within the laboratory, we use stereomicroscopy for gross specimen sampling. Additionally, polarising microscopy with dispersion staining is used for the identification of asbestos fibres, while particle counting is completed with a phase contrast microscope.

All state of the art equipment is of an elite standard, with regular inspections maintaining peak performance and reliability. Our methodology complies with the Health and Safety Guidance 248 supplied by the Health and Safety Executive. Similarly, all laboratory staff members hold the BOHS P401 qualification as a minimum requirement, further strengthening our services.

To provide greater flexibility for clients, samples can be collected by our analysts or posted directly to the laboratory. We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround times and, regardless of the client or work involved, we are totally devoted to the same unbiased, unprejudiced level of accuracy.

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