Asbestos Management

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 4, people who own or control a commercial building have a duty to manage any identified asbestos. An explicit Management Plan from North Star, complete with a register of all building materials including highlighted asbestos, helps achieve that objective.

Asbestos Management

As an elite consultancy, North Star Environmental undertakes asbestos management compliance audits, in addition to formulating new policies for clients where needed. If appropriate, we will review the plans and processes of your organisation, auditing them to ensure compliance with all industry regulations.

Management Plans

If asbestos containing materials are present in a building, management plans must be in place to monitor their condition and risks. Those responsible for the building must also supply relevant asbestos training to all people within their command likely to encounter the materials.

These issues are regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). If the HSE concludes that an organisation does not comply with the aforementioned regulations, said organisation could face prosecution.

North Star Management

The stringent auditing and management services provided by North Star Environmental check that clients comply with the stated regulations. If any problems are found, we will dispense expert advice to rectify the issues, steering clients to a more effective and ethical management system.

In this regard, our work reduces the risk of possible exposure to respirable airborne asbestos fibres. It also helps raise standards across the board, both for immediate on-site work and general practices in the future.

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