Legionella Support.

Legionella is the general term given to around 50 bacterium species that occur naturally in soil and water environments. Legionella grows rapidly in stagnant water and at temperatures between 20-50°C. If contaminated water droplets are inhaled, a person can become infected, making this a very serious trend in the environmental industry.

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Legionella Problems

The main problems caused by legionella is legionnaires’ disease, an aggressive form of pneumonia. According to estimates, legionnaires’ disease is fatal 20% of the time and the United Kingdom has more than 200 reported cases each year. Legionella can also cause a number of other, milder diseases that are nevertheless still distressing and debilitating.

Systems that produce water vapours pose a particular risk, because this provides an ideal breeding ground for legionella. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the cleanliness of shower systems, bath taps, cooling towers, air conditioning units, hot tubs and other water areas.

Legionella Responsibility

Indeed, under the Health and Safety Act 1974, those responsible for the management of water systems have a duty to follow recommended guidelines to minimise exposure to legionella.

To help in this process and other situations where the need should arise, North Star Environmental Ltd have staff members qualified to take samples of and complete laboratory testing for possible legionella containing materials.

Coupled with our work in asbestos, this makes North Star Environmental Ltd a highly dynamic and extremely dependable consultancy. We strive to find new avenues to help within our industry, fighting for a safer world one step at a time. Call us today on 0800 048 6000 to find out more.

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