Asbestos Innovation

North Star Environmental Ltd was founded in a spirit of boundless ambition. The company has always pushed the boundaries of possibility while complying with all relevant legislation. This constant desire for development manifests itself in a variety of ways, most notably in our use of cutting edge technology.

North Star Team

When undertaking surveys and air monitoring work, North Star analysts complete associated paperwork on electronic tablets. In turn, digital reports are generated automatically. These include a remarkable level of detail, providing more value for money and extending far beyond the bare minimum of service offered elsewhere.

The aforementioned reports for surveys, air monitoring and other works include numerous photographs of the work site in question. By insisting on this detail, we ensure that clients obtain a more tangible interpretation of the work carried out.

These reports are completed on site using the aforementioned electronic tablets, which are programmed with the very best in modern software. This capability is entirely unique to North Star Environmental, further distinguishing our company as one of the most progressive and forward-thinking in its field.

Asbestos Innovation

Asbestos Technology

We also use an internal computer system known as TEAMS to house all documentation relating to surveys, air monitoring and other works. TEAMS also allows us to schedule work and manage projects in a more efficient manner, with a tailored portal granting clients swift access to appointment and booking information, plus official paperwork.

As a UKAS accredited testing laboratory and inspection body, North Star also operate a fleet of mobile testing laboratories across the nation. When sourcing those specialist vehicles, the company put a tremendous amount of effort into researching the most efficient design possible. As such, the vehicles are fitted with state of the art equipment and amenities in an intelligent fashion, further aiding productivity.

We have also played a significant role in the growth of asbestos self-sampling, with our specially crafted kits guiding people through a delicate process with assured expertise. Self-sampling is a burgeoning trend within the asbestos industry, and North Star is once again at the forefront.

We are audited annually by UKAS, increasing the need for relentless excellence. In order to maintain our elite accreditations, a quality internal system is required. These procedures guarantee that we meet evolving standards, keeping us at the frontier of this industry.

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On the whole, North Star Environmental Ltd has invested heavily in streamlining its approach and making it fit for the modern world. From hardware within our head office to specialist equipment out on site, we constantly monitor the latest trends, staying ahead of the curve and honouring our status as an industry leader.

In turn, clients can enjoy a meticulous and immersive experience when working with us. We leave no stone unturned in seeking persistent progress, so join us on a journey to unchartered success.

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