Four Stage Clearances

Following the removal of asbestos, a Certificate of Reoccupation is required before people can return to an area. This can only be attained following clearance air monitoring and other associated tasks completed by a UKAS-accredited analytical company such as North Star Environmental.

This process is generally known as a four-stage clearance, owing to the multifaceted nature of the work involved. It proves that all asbestos removal work was carried out in accordance with industry legislation.

Asbestos Clearance Procedures

In the first instance, a highly qualified North Star analyst will conduct a preliminary check of the site in question, noting its condition and the completeness of work therein. Checks will also be performed on the contractor’s licence, training, equipment and other relevant records. We will also ensure that the asbestos enclosure meets the required standards; that the transit route is sufficient; and that decontamination facilities on site are of a satisfactory calibre.

The second stage includes a thorough visual inspection inside the asbestos enclosure, checking that all areas are dry; that stripped surfaces are clean; and that there is no visible evidence of dust or debris. If these stages are passed, the analyst will perform clearance air monitoring. This tests the air to measure the level of airborne asbestos fibres in an area following work or the removal of asbestos containing materials. An area is ‘cleared’ once the level of said fibres is below the control limit of 0.01 f/cm3.

Finally, the fourth stage commences once clearance air monitoring has been passed and the contractor has dismantled the asbestos enclosure. The analyst will visually examine the work and transit areas, ensuring that no apparent asbestos material or debris has been exposed.

A Certificate of Reoccupation is issued only after the successful completion of all four stages. If any stage is failed, remedial work is enacted before the assessment is repeated. Any failures are documented on the final certificate, as is any remedial work.

This is an essential service within the building industry, and it requires a meticulous and honest approach to maintain accuracy and impartiality. North Star Environmental has a proven track record in this regard and can be relied upon to provide four-stage clearances of an exquisite calibre.

Asbestos Clearance Procedures

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