Our Values

At its core, North Star Environmental Ltd is driven by a desire to help people. Asbestos is a very serious issue carrying potentially dire consequences, and our impartial services act as a linchpin in the fight for a safer world.

Accurate Testing

We are totally committed to the accurate testing, surveying and sampling of possible asbestos containing materials. Our rigorous approach is totally unbiased and complies with the highest international standards and domestic legislation. We adhere to strict ethical policies, and view honesty with regard to work and results as a cornerstone of our business.

As indicated by our proven track record in various different sectors, we are devoted to persistent excellence, regardless of how large any given project may be. The constant quest for improvement steers us to new frontiers in terms of service, technology and beyond, blazing a trail of innovation through the asbestos industry.

The nature of our work requires strong interpersonal relationships, with both clients and the occupants of buildings in which we conduct services. As such, North Star Environmental Ltd maintains a policy of common respect, decency and compassion at all times. We do everything in our power to guarantee the smooth running of projects, and this is the very foundation upon which our success is built.

Compassionate Services

We endeavour to provide a compassionate service tailored to each specific project. We feel compelled to go the extra mile for our clients, and strive to satisfy all of their unique needs. For example, we employ dedicated Welsh speakers within our company to aid the fluidity of work in that country when required.

As illustrated, we have a strong family nucleus at North Star Environmental Ltd. This underscores our belief in achieving progress and a better life through hard work and transparency. As an employer, we yearn to give people a chance in life, unlocking potential that is often overlooked or underappreciated elsewhere.

When working with North Star Environmental Ltd, you can rest assured that an exemplary service will be provided in a polite yet professional manner. So get in touch today, and help us build a brighter future.

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For more information or to book services, contact North Star Environmental on 0800 048 6000 today.

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